Monday, November 23, 2009

To Hell With Facebook

I am beginning to loathe facebook. Yes, its true. I am considering closing mine down, or at least cease to use it daily.


Because one of my old school friends stupidly and insensitively announced on Facebook that her Father In Law was just told yesterday that he had 8 weeks to live.

I know I share a lot about myself on this blog but never ever ever ever would I put that information out on Facebook. How would her Father In Law feel???? Every bit of me is needing to be restrained from responding on the thread, to tell her that she should preserve that person's dignity and get the hell of Facebook. I wanted to hit something when I read it. How disrespectful. How undignified. What has this social networking done to human dignity?

I am so mad. So so so mad.

She, however, has managed to get 20 comments from her "friends" (who probably don't even know who the hell he is) writing their condolensces, telling her how sorry they are and saying that "they are there for her if she needs them".

The whole thing just makes me sick.


  1. Sometimes people do thoughtless things, without thinking, thisis one of those times. Dont let it get to you , especially at this time. Please dont shut down your facebook, I'd miss it too much.

  2. Sometimes I hate Facebook too (the people who I've met maybe once and barely know sending friend requests, in particular), but I'm with your Mom - I'd miss you on Facebook if you shut it down. It's the best way to keep in touch with people who you don't get to see very much and believe it or not, I'm actually interested in and love your updates!

    Clarisa xo