Friday, November 27, 2009

In and Around the Reunification Palace, Saigon

below: The Grounds of the Palace

below: "Where's Goose?" A replica of an American fighter jet;

below: A replica of the army tank that crashed through the gates;

below: Sponsored by Bridgestone

below: Boys and their big toys;

below: More my style of things - the intricate details of the ceramics surrounding the Palace

below: The interior decorating of the Sitting Room

Below: The parliamentary sitting room

below: Mr. Ho Chi Minh!

below: Pottery that is now worth a fortune

below: Amazing designs on the carpets

below: The throne room...or something similar!

below: take your pick...

below: the equivalent to the Oval Office

below: the Strategy Room's important telephones (how 1970's! we had a green one - in fact, we still do!)

below: Old books from the library

below: More 1970's design

below: the Vietnamese equivalent of the "doily"

below: The hallowed halls of the Palace

below: Vietnamese print

below: Dumped in the Palace gutter. Precious vietnamese antiques.


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  1. These were a great bunch of photo's.