Friday, November 6, 2009

Time To Hit The Road Again

Thanks to everyone who has returned to this site over the last week or so, only to find absolutely nothing added to it.

Those who are in the know will agree that its been a tough week. Not for me personally, but my wonderful M, who is having to juggle a few very stressful situations. I guess i am just focusing much of my energy on trying to ensure that I support him as best as possible, while giving him his space to work things out. I am so proud of him. I am the luckiest girl in the world, I reckon. I have learnt so much about my relationship in the last week or so, and I am only beginning to learn that sometimes you just need to trust in the other person to find their way....

So I am flying out to KL tonight, on a late night flight. I had this grand plan to fly off to a tropical destination, except I was then told that the tropical destination actually is closed due to Monsoon Season. Whoops. Probably should have done a more comprehensive google search before i actually booked the flights. Anyhoo, you win some and lose some so I have decided to stay in KL and investigate some of the places that i have not been to as yet. Failing that, I will sit in the Sheraton and enjoy warm relaxing baths and cable TV. Honestly, those kinds of luxuries are worth the expense. Staying in Asian luxury hotels can almost be a hobby in itself (an expensive one, though!).

You know, there is so much junk going on in the world. Mass shootings, wars, starving people, child labour and prostitution, incurable diseases.... I thank my lucky stars each day that I have a stable job, a supportive family, a wonderful consistent and strong boyfriend who puts up with my "kookiness" and I have an adventurous spirit that allows me to want to travel the world and open myself up to new experiences. None of what I do, on a weekly basis - whether i am travelling here, travelling there, learning this or learning that - is ever taken for granted.


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