Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kakadu - Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre



Entrance into Kakadu National Park

We entered into the World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park after lunch. Unfortunately, we were greeted by some rain but it didnt spoil our day, as the rain didn't last too long.


Next Stop - Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park

Next stop was Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park. No swimming this time.

Here is the reason why!!!

This sign explains the way in which they monitor crocodiles in the area.

Given the inability to swim, we did some walking instead.
I did the walk to the viewing platform.

The first of the waterfalls at Wangi Falls.

There are actually two water falls in wet season. Both were pounding down due to the sheer amount of rainfall that had occurred over the previous 3 - 4 days. This is the second of the falls.

You could feel the force of the water spray just standing on the platform.

I took a look at the local flora as well - here in a Native Ginger Plant.

A clearer view of the smaller of the waterfalls.