Friday, November 13, 2009

Operation: Cheer Up

So i am now on to the second day of my Operation: Cheer Up and it seems like I have gone from zero to hero. After a late night dinner with Carli, I was up and attem' at 6am this morning to grab a bus up to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where the hospital is. I then proceeded to sit and have electrotherapy and short wave heat therapy on my spine (goodness knows what that will do, but afterwards, i felt fantastic), and then once that was done, it was off to the local JB Mall where I indulged in getting my hair washed and blow dried (for a ridiculous AUD$12!) and a pedicure and manicure for about AUD$20. The currency conversion is too good - almost too good to forget the fact that you need to pass through two customs and checkpoints to get across there. I was thinking about getting my nails properly done but then I realised that I planned to do a pottery class tomorrow, and clay and nails generally don't go that well together.

I must fly because this afternoon, I am off on a "booze cruise" (except I will be minus the booze, of course). I have been invited to jump on board an old Chinese-style ferry with a bunch of workmates, which shall be fun. The plan is to then go on to a nightclub, but before i get too carried away with myself, I should just maybe try and make it through the ferry ride!

Tomorrow is another busy day because I am moving apartments (to one that is sans-wildlife, that is, without mice) and then there's that pottery class I spoke about above. I've also bought 2 DVDs to watch - its been years since I sat down and indulged in a good girly-flick.

Pfff - who said this girl can't have fun?!


  1. Yay. Go get em Girl.
    Where are you moving to. just another part of your complex ??

  2. Yep, another apartment. One higher, I hope!