Friday, November 6, 2009

Flight Delayed. Will Blog.

Air Asia - or should I say - Air Delay-sia has done it again. Another delayed flight. Ho hum. The price you pay for cheap tickets on budget airlines. They say they are "the worlds best low cost airline". Does that mean everyone else delays their flights by five hours, when Air Asia only delays theirs by two hours? Oh the intricacies of el' cheapo travel.

Give me a business class ticket on a Singapore Airlines flight any day.

But as I said in my earlier flight, I am grateful that I have the ability to travel. Even if sometimes it is painful.

So, here goes another one of KateOnTheBike's random 30 facts.

1. I can use chopsticks but only to pick up bulky food. Rice is not bulky.

2. I carry "wet ones" (wipes) in my bag in case of food spillage (which is often).

3. I can't eat a meal if the table is wobbly.

4. I struggle to understand the rules of American Gridiron.

5. I like chicken, but don't eat the skin.

6. I find airport coffee prices outrageous.

7. I read my newspapers back to front. Its easier.

8. I am going to try and see Obama, who arrives in Singapore next week.

9. I struggle to work out whether the first name is the last name when it comes to Asian names.

10. Running water makes me want to pee.

11. I love when the Boy rolls his sleeves up on his business shirt and sticks a pen behind his ear. Its cute.

12. Ducks, pidgeons, quails, and canaries are all little birds and thus, should not be eaten.

13. Just because a pelican is a big bird, doesn't mean it has to be eaten.

14. I dream of hot coffee in Prague, whilst watching the snow fall.

15. I can't always make people behave appropriately, but I can at least try.

16. I admit that I am a cynic sometimes and complain a bit more than I should.

17. If I had a choice, I'd consider going back to working in Scotland. I miss it often.

18. I am capable of making mistakes.

19. Hair on bathrooms basins makes me want to throw up.

20. Black garbage bags always seem stronger than white ones. No proof suggests that black plastic bags are always stronger. Its just my belief.

21. I haven't used an iron in many months.

22. My mother and I share the same sense of humour.

23. Indian music, blaring throw cheap speakers at 11pm is NOT okay.

24. I drinks Starbucks coffee despite knowing I am paying a premium just because its Starbucks.

25. Its beginninng to look a lot like Christmas.

26. I didn't enjoy wearing white Haviannas. Brown ones are better.

27. I've always wanted to do a nudie run somewhere. Somehow.

28. The Boy's teeth are so white they glow in the dark when he laughs. True story.

29. My favourite accessory is my blackberry. I am addicted.

30. I thank God each night for what I've been given in life.



  1. You have done a Nudie Run. Bathroom to Bedroom with me calling Rudie Nudie. Ha Ha

  2. LOL @ Mum's comment! Anyhoo ... I actually learned how to eat with chopsticks before I learned how to eat with fork or spoon - thanks to my stepmother's influence. The other influence she had on me, because she spent so much of her life in China as a servant girl to a European family, is that I tend to use a knife and fork in a European rather than an American fashion: I don't switch hands after cutting my food before putting it into my mouth.

  3. Muuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!

    How embarassing. I should have never told you about this blog.

    EC - i actually use my knife and fork the other way too!!!

  4. So do I :-D (Oh, it's Annie)