Friday, November 6, 2009

Sheraton Put The "FAB" In Fabric

I love the Sheraton. No, I am not employed by them nor do i seek any kind of discount for putting a good word in for them on my website. This blog is NOT sponsored by Sheraton. I am, however, in love with staying at their hotels. Give me a Sheraton over a Hilton any day. I love the Sheraton in KL and I love the Sheraton in Phuket, Thailand. That makes me officially a fan of the Sheraton.

See attached link - yes, my room looks exactly as it does in the picture. Gorgeous! Legal disclaimer for anyone that wants to sue me (FYI: I am a lawyer too, bring it on) - picture courtesy of the Sheraton, which you can find on the attached link's website.

I am wandering around here with no real intention of actually leaving for the day. I am armed with my trusty old Canon and I am determined to photograph every kind of fabric, every colour, every texture i can possibly find.

As you all know, besides loving the Sheraton, I love fabrics and textures. I have no idea why it is that i have developed such a love of fine fabrics, but I have and I intend to (once i stop spending money on travelling) and actually by a house, decorate my house in beautiful fabrics and colours.

I've been allowed to go into my room at midday, which makes it a great day just to laze around. Who knows, I may be ridiculously opulent and spend my money on a massage at the Mandara Spa (a massage that will, of course, cost five times more than it would if i actually walked out into the heat and down the street to a local place!).

Ho hum. Such is life.

And what a wonderful, beautifully blessed life it is.


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