Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Snapshot - the Last 8 Months

When I go back and look at what I have done in the last 8 months, I realise just how many experiences I have had. Its safe to say I have, for the most part, maximised my time here in Asia and STILL got to go across to the US and the Caribbean!

See below for a snapshot of my life in the last 8 months - what a rush!

(photos may not be in specific order at times)

I arrived in Singapore, eager to learn more about the Asian culture!

I went to Kuala Lumpur to visit their amazing Bird Park

I went to Mallacca with Ruth and Gillian!

I quickly found a place to stay at City Square Residence.

I had a dream to one day see the Petronas Towers and I have done it - on many occasions now!

I visited Borneo, a place I will never forget - and definitely go back to.

I became quite fit and healthy - look how much thinner I was back then before the accident!

I learnt how to Scuba Dive in Pulau Aur, Malaysia

I visited Penang and Langkawi, in the north west of Malaysia

The night before that fateful day.....

I flew home to see my family.... and got back together with the Boy.

Another life long dream was to one day go to New York. And I did it!

I dived Grand Turk, said to be one of the best diving spots in the world.

I went to Nassau, the Bahamas!

I cruised the bluest waters I have ever seen.

I went to Half Moon Cay and enjoyed the fun and sun!

I saw Lady Gaga in Singapore.

I made a trip to Bintan, Indonesia.

I got back on the bike.... after a number of months of recovery.

I once again went home to see my family, friends and the Boy.

I became crazy about the Boy....

The Boy and I went to Phuket, Thailand.

I went to Bangkok, Thailand.

I went to the Cameron Highlands, in Malaysia.

I attended the Singapore F1 Grand Prix!

I went to Bali and will never forget it.

I dressed up as a Pumpkin.

I became more interested in photography and went on photography trips in South Malaysia.

Needless to say, I have done things in these past 8 months that many people will never do in their life time. Its amazing just how far I have come, how far I have travelled, and how much i have learnt in such a short amount of time. What an experience its been!


  1. these are awesome! i love coming along on your adventures and love that we got to meet up in NY. keep on traveling and keep on smiling.

  2. I to enjoyed your snapshot. I didnt realise how much you had travelled this year. Loved it.

  3. keep on looking at the big wide world. So much to do and see. I loved going to Malaka, Singapore and the US with you this year. Roll on 2010 and the next lot of adventures.
    love always