Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Sunday

Today was an awesome day. Yesterday was not so great, but today I felt great. I woke up after a good sleep and I hurried off to Pottery Class, something that I have begun to look forward to doing twice a week. Sure, its mundane and I really am not creating spectacular pieces of art work, but it is doing great things in terms of relaxation. Mr Cheow puts on relaxing rainforest music, burns incense and I sit there and quietly work away with the clay. Sometimes I use the wheel to try my hand at a pot or saucer, and on other occasions, I will just play around with the clay to form different shapes and sculptures. It is great. It clears my head, it allows me to turn off my "brain" for a couple of hours, and there is something very soothing about running the soft clay in my hands.

I then managed to finish right on time to race down the road to see Clarisa, one of my good friends from Australia. Clarisa is originally from Singapore, so it was really nice to be able to speak to someone who knew Singapore, knew its frustrations, but knew how to laugh about all of the ridiculous things that go on here. It also reminded me what it felt like to have familiar conversation, to talk about the past, talk about the things we've done together and to relate to each other's way of life. I realise just how important it is to connect with friends and it gives me more motivation to react out to the many friends that I have let go by the wayside in exchange for an adventurous overseas life.

I am also happy because I heard from M, who let me know that he has made it to his family's home in the United Kingdom. This makes me feel a little better, because I know he wasn't looking forward to the fourteen hour flight (does anyone?).

Tonight I am cooking myself a big thick piece of steak to try and rid myself of what I suspect is a little bit of iron deficiency. I also managed to walk from down town back home this afternoon, which is a great sign that my body and mind is beginning to get used to being more active.

If I can get my gym routine back to even half of what it was, things are definitely going to look a lot brighter for me. I've given in and begun to take mild painkillers. I have not used any form of painkillers since leaving the hospital in June. Ridiculous, huh? That I would have rejected the one thing that could have made these 5 months a lot easier for me. However, seeing I am stubborn and anti-medication, I was able to deny myself the basic necessity of drugs - until now.

Now I realise that handling pain without medication and trying to be as still as possible just isnt working for me. I need to become active. I need to find a way to manage the pain, because right now, the pain is managing me.

I'm off to give thanks and then eat!



  1. There's more to taking pain medication, for actual and chronic pain, than most people realize. A very good nurse clued me in: if your body is rallying all of its energy and resources to battle the pain, it can't heal itself. It can't do both. There's nothing left to allow any healing. Kind of like drinking too much at night time when you're injured: if the body has to spend the night time ridding itself of alcohol, by dawn there's nothing left to heal the injuries! In short, the body totally sucks at multi-tasking! So it is actually important to take just enough pain medication, and just long enough, in order to free the body to pay attention to other things. Like rebuilding strength and flexibility. Or becoming reaccustomed to prolonged activity.

    Just thought I'd chime in with what I know ... or think I know. Grin.

  2. Oh god, steak!!!!! I am so jealous. I am eating all the vegetables I can, and have told D he needs to have a steak ready for me when I get home!!

    I absolutely loved seeing you and I'm sorry I couldn't spend more time with you! All the family stuff has honestly driven me crazy and I'm ready to head home and experience some solitude. I really hope I get to see you again soon.

    Love and big hugs,
    Clarisa xoxox