Friday, September 4, 2009

The Wonderful World of Blackberries

Thankd goodness for Blackberries. I am on a ten hour bus ride, I am showing no signs of tiring, and its 1.10am. All I have is my Blackberry and my Ipod. I've recently learnt how to blog via Blackberry so it seems appripriate that I now sit and blog whilst traversing up the west coast of Malaysia.... I mean, isn't that what evryone does? Erm.. Hmmmm.

Now seems the perfect time to see if I can list 30 fast and furious facts about myself (this is more about keeping myself entertained than it is about sharing my secrets!!!)

If I stop before 30, you will know I fell asleep midway....

1. I always sleep on my side, not my back.
2. I recently have discovered the need for chilli with my meals.
3. I still miss my cat, Tigger.
4. Before Tigger, there was Derek. We can't remember why we named him Derek.
5. We had a budgie called Flip. He flew away one day and never came back.
6. I joined the school choir in high school but it was only to score time of school for choir competitions.
7. I suffered permanent tissue damage under my right eye when I did 2 rounds with an aluminium seat.
8. I don't like sardines.
9. I have always found Mickey Mouse a little creepy.
10. I wanted to name my first born son after Kyan, a singer from the boyband, Westlife.
11. I wanted to have my first born son with Mark Feehily from Westlife...until I found out he was gay.
12. I eat starburst jelly beans in colour order, with the purple ones saved til last.
13. I do not know my left from right.
14. I have been to a live sex show in Amsterdam.
15. I got into trouble in the Vatican City for taking a photo of the Last Supper.
16. I kissed 5 different boys on the 12 day Contiki Tour when I was 21 (I was such a flirt!)
17. I've kissed a girl and I.... Well, yeah, I guess I liked it (ok, the last bit was just because the song goes like that!)
18. I once had a crush on a teacher.
19. I have fired a rifle.
20. I have never taken ecstacy, cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin and I never will.
21. I once wanted to be a backup dancer for Britney.
22. I need to study with high volume dance music blaring.
23. I couldn't attend my district swimming carnival once, because u had to go to New Zealand. It destroyed my swimming future.
24. I have never cheated on a boyfriend. Ever.
25. I sing loudly when driving.
26. I find very muscular men repulsive.
27. I was never really a fan of Michael Javkson anyway.
28. I had an imaginary friend once but forgot its name.
29. I am happiest when I am travelling.
30. I am not even close to falling asleep yet.

Maybe I should have picked 50 facts instead...



  1. That was like of journey for me, you gave my memory a jolt. You forgot to say you have a very odd sense of humour.

  2. Shhhhhh - don't tell anyone - but I copied you!