Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Green Thumb

Another weekend, another great destination. This time it was the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. I had to take a ten hour bus trip from Singapore, leaving at 10pm on Friday night and arriving into Brinchang, the main town, at around 7.30am. I literally hopped off the bus, with barely 2 hours of sleep, straight onto a day tour bus. Here, I enjoyed an array of horticultural delights, from strawberry farms, tea plantations, flower farms, vegetable paddocks....

Its 10pm and my eyes are dropping slowly, so I will only place a few "sample" shots to tempt you into coming back throughout the week, as I go into more detail as to what I did.

(above: Breakfast - Chicken Noodle Soup)

(above: in amongst the glorious tea plantations)

(above: cactus farming!)

(above: an upside down 'shroom, found during our nature walk through a mossy (muddy) forest)

(above: wild food - which I named the "Fluberry", because the inside of the berry looked like.... nevermind)

(above: me on top of a very windy and foggy mountain range, overlooking the tea plantations)

(above: the beautiful, rolling tea fields)

(above: just one of about 100 photos i took of flowers)

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