Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Much Ado About.....Strawberries.

Its all about tea and strawberries in the Cameron Highlands. Apparently CH is famous for strawberries. If I hadnt been told before I got there, I would have found out pretty quickly. At every junction, there is a sign saying "Strawberry Farm Turn Left" or "Strawberry Farm Open Daily". Strawberry shops, shops selling strawberry jam, kids stores selling strawberry shaped pillows, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!!!!

(above: strawberry, anyone?)

(above: part of the tour involved us going to, yes, the "Big Red Strawberry Farm!")

(above; rows and rows of strawberries)

(above: oh! plus some organic lettuce!)

(above: more lettuce!)

(above: for the most part though, its all about strawberries)

(above: rows of strawberries)

(above: anyone for a strawberry?)

(above: you know what these are)

(above: you know it)

(above: and if you are really special, you get to "self-pluck" your own strawberries)

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  1. Wow - a way of strawberry farming I wasn't expecting! A distant relative of some sort has (or had?) a strawberry farm here in the states. In the ground strawberries. Very, very labor intensive and "fragile" farming, that! I think, as usual and once again, CH has developed a much better/advanced process. I learned something new today, Kate - thanks!