Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woah, Boh!

One of the most popular tourist attractions for the Cameron Highlands is indeed the Boh! Factory. Boh! is one of the larger tea plantations in the Highlands area, and it certainly is the most tourist friendly.

(below: the rolling green tea fields will always be the signature of Cameron Highlands and Boh! celebrates this by providing a viewing area where you can sit and have tea, as you overlook the amazing fields)

(below: the view from the viewing platform)

(below: here i am, sampling the peppermint flavoured tea)

(below: Boh! Tea)

(below: the sign that welcomes you to the exhibition centre)

(below: a fine selection of all things Boh!)

(below: Boh! allows visitors to walk through a glass encassed area to see the factory workers making the tea - its actually quite fascinating to watch how it is all done)

(below: Boh! has been the employer of many Malaysians from the area for many years. Many are low skilled workers from either Bangladesh or Nepal)

(below: working hard for their money)

(below: i was surprised to see that they still had such an archaic way of labelling their batches)

All in all, a pretty cool experience - something that is quite uniquely Malaysian. It was free for all visitors so I would recommend anyone who goes to the area to check it out.

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