Monday, September 14, 2009

The Real Bangkok

(below: thai women lining the streets selling junk)

(below: noisy, polluting motorcycles)

(below: graffiti everywhere)

(below: drink vendors walking around constantly asking you to buy drinks)

(below: kids playing with stray cats)

(below: old women selling vegetables on the side of the streets)

(below: my boat river, who scored big time for as little work as possible)

(below: old river warehouses)

(below: women in floating markets coincidently happen to be there as your boat goes by)

(below: kids wave as we go past on the canal)

(below: the gap between rich and poor is so obvious in Bangkok)

(below: even the monks look dejected)

(below: the canals are filthy, rubbish thrown recklessly into it by the locals)

(below: dirty, rusty container ships clog the main river system)

(below: old, worn houses by the river)

(below: tall skyscrapers tower over the old warehouses and shacks)

(below: the long boats lining up in front of the Marriott)

(below: hotels sponsor these boats to carry their passengers up the river)

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