Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Luxury Collection, Sheraton Laguna Phuket

One of the highlights of the resort is the 300m long pool that winds itself through the resort complex, from one end to the other. It goes under bridges, through gardens, around decking to swim-up bars, restaurants and entertainment areas.

The resort's gardens are divine, with various types of flowers and plants, all native and home to lots of small birds, lizards and butterflies. Throughout the gardens were little fountains, ponds and bridges took you over the pool areas into different quiet areas.

The picture below shows the pool snaking its way through the gardens, under bridges and around corners.

The Boy and I chose a two story Lagoon Villa, which was part of the Sheraton's exclusive "Grand Villa Collection", which sits separately from the main hotel area (and which costs that little bit extra!).

It was well worth the expense, as the accommodation was by far the best i have ever stayed in.

Below is a shot of the various villas, that sit on stilts about the lagoon, and have their own private jetty. I fell asleep out on our little jetty in the afternoon, as the sun peeked out from the clouds.

The Sheraton stopped at nothing in order to provide a personal touch to its accommodation. It thought of everything - bottle holders, oil burners, candles, slippers, outdoor shoes, I could list hundreds of "pieces" which just added to the experience.

Luxury shampoos, toiletries, plus more!

The only thing that wasnt so great was the outdoor shower and jacuzzi. It felt.... weird. And it did not really provide a romantic bath setting.... nevertheless, it was fun having a shower while torrential rain poured down on top of us.

Around the hotel, as we walked through its corridors and guest areas, there was always fresh flowers in lovely decorated settings. It truly felt like a romantic tropical destination, not some cheap family resort.

Guest entertainment areas were designed with tasteful but modern luxury. I snapped a lot of pictures so that one day i can model some rooms off these designs.

All in all, I strongly recommend the Sheraton Laguna Phuket for any couple that can spend just that little bit extra for pure, unadulterated luxury. Two days was nowhere near enough in order to truly enjoy what this place had to offer.

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