Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Day In The Life of a F1 Fan

Even though its a night race, everyone has access to the street circuit precinct at 3pm all weekend. But before you get in, you have to first dodge the luxury cars that are here to trip around the Very (Not So) Important (but Rich) People.

For us plebs that do not have a chauffeur, we get to walk, and follow the little footprints that are throughout the city, telling us where we need to go to get to the track.

I have myself a Walkabout Pass, which I havent used since buying it. Rather, I've been using a (free) Grandstand Pass, that not only lets me walkabout, but I get the privilege of sitting in very uncomfortable plastic chairs in the Bay Grandstand.

Its not hard to know that you are in a Grand Prix Hosting City - signs are up around the city to welcome everyone. This is the Fullerton's sign, which can be seen as you walk past the lined up Ferraris (sportscars, not F1s) that are parked out the front of the hotel.

My aim is to get to Gate 7, so I gathered that Gate 6 would be the ideal place to start. Little do I know that Singapore has an intricate web of overpasses and underpasses to get around the track, over the track, under the track (but obviously, not through the track - that certainly would have been the most helpful though).

Gate 5 was actually the closest to my work building, but that would get to middle of nowhere, as opposed to where I really wanted to go and that was the middle of the grandstand.

I end up getting into Gate 6 and despite being no where near where i needed to be, I was still rewarded with a glorious view of the city, trackside.

The colourful signs were helpful. It told me precisely where I was - being no where near where i needed to go.

Still, with the sun setting, I enjoyed the view of the city and the casting of the orange-pink sun around the precinct.

Me. Trackside. Woohoo!

The sun setting on the track.

Crowds gather to watch the spectacle.

For those with walkabout tix, they try and grab the best vantage points possible.

But for me, I take my place in the very uncomfortable, but well positioned grandstand seats.

A long night ahead, but an exciting one at that!


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