Friday, September 18, 2009

Testing Testing... One, Two, Three....!

Today I learnt a new trick on my camera! Which means that I am going to be able to present my photos in a much clearer way. You see, I have been shooting photos and then when i have been converting them onto the computer from the camera, it has lot a lot of its "crispness". In other words, the shot is okay, the colours are alright, but the photos have been "flattened".... compressed... meaning that you dont get the "volume" of the object that you are shooting. Thanks to someone who picked this up by looking at my photos, i now know what needs to be done to get that "crispness".

This is called "shooting RAW" as opposed to shooting JPEG.

See my first attempt at it (its going to take a while to get used to it) but what a difference it makes!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!

Now the fun can REALLY begin!


  1. Amazing, the difference! And I thought your photos were awesome before! Can't wait for what's on the horizon, now!

  2. The difference is terrific, More, More.