Saturday, September 19, 2009


Before the processing....

After the processing....

The question is..... am I getting brighter, clearer pictures, or have I simply just increased the colour saturation? I want my photos to be more "life like".....

I "think" i may be getting better quality photos from this.... but I am still undecided....



  1. you should exactly be 'getting better quality photos' in the end, you're still just uploading a .jpg file, right? Recording in RAW just means that the camera's not compressing it into the file that you tell it you want, with the settings you apply on the camera. instead, it's keeping all the data from the sensor, and you have much more leway to apply more refined settings in post, before you hit the maximum amount of processing the file can handle before looking all wonky. So instead of getting to choose from like 5 settings available in your camera to apply to your shots, you have much greater potential for compressing your files in the jpg as YOU see it, rather than how your camera see it. ....something like that, anyways

  2. I'm going to need to read that a couple of times to understand... ugh. So complicated!

  3. Well, if you're interested in the opinion of a complete non-pro (aka: "I've NO clue at all") ... I definitely like the "after" shots better than the "before" shots. The "afters" seem more real and life like. Like ... I could reach out and actually feel the texture of the stones, or the 'wornness' of the clogs. I get nothing like that from the "befores".

  4. Fantastic feedback, EC!!! This is exactly what I felt my photos were missing.... my camera did lack certain "oomph" but I think i am getting there slowly!