Friday, September 11, 2009

Pure Indulgence - Lebua @ State Tower, Bangkok Part I

I know this sounds really weird, but I have said it before and I will say it again. I never want to stay in so many luxury hotels that I completely forget just how lucky i am to have the opportunity to do so. I dont want to come into these places and just dump my stuff down on the floor. I dont ever want to take the beautiful lighting, the crisp sheets, the fresh flowers or the little chocolates for granted....

The Lebua must be one of THE most luxurious places I have stayed at. Which is ridiculous, because only a few weeks ago, I was saying that I had stayed at the most luxurious place, being the Sheraton in Phuket. In terms of location, Sheraton wins hands down. However, the Lebua is pure, unadulterated opulence. It is five star all the way, voted one of the most luxurious hotels in Asia....

I managed to get a good deal, which involved two nights plus an upgrade to one of their superiour suites.... it is totally ridiculous that I would have such a large suite when I am here on my own... it almost feels gluttonous.

(below: two queen sized beds.... for me)

(below: the bathroom is twice the size of my bedroom at home)

(below: white marble everywhere....)

(below: the suite has a separate lounge and separate dining room)

(below: the design is very simple... possibly not as nicer decorated as the Sheraton, but it still looks great)

(below: all of this space for little old me)

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  1. It's because you deeply (deeply) appreciate beauty and luxury, that you so deserve each and every occurrence in your life, m'dear. I've known too many who have, sadly, come to expect it rather than treasure it. Don't change, Kate. Don't ever change.