Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Is Gordon?

He's on Wall Street, of course!!!!

There I was standing by the World's Largest Casino - the New York Stock Exchange!

Okay, there was no Gordon Gecko, but there was me! And there were a whole heap of security guards, fences, and toffey-nosed stockbrokers hanging about.

I wanted to offer them a $5 note but I didn't think they'd find the amusing side of my joke.

It was hard to get close to the doors, as they were blocked off by concrete blocks and fences. Operators of concrete blocks and fences in New York must do a roaring trade. They are everywhere. Security, security, security.

I love the guy leaning against the fence. From a distance, he looked a bit like Mr. Big from Sex in the City!

Wall Street!

This is the closest I could get but...woah, that American flag is huge!

I wonder what is going on inside that building? Word is that the Dow Jones has rallied for seven days in a row and has finally made it into positive territory for the first time this year.

Recession, smession!

It would have been far too cliche for me to walk up to the security guard and say "you're fired!".

What used to be the busiest little jewelery shop in the neighborhood!

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