Friday, July 31, 2009

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

With only one day in Los Angeles, Ruth and I took one of those half-day LA tours which took us to the famous places! First stop? Venice Beach, the home of tattoos, piercings and a whole lot of craziness!

Strolling down the main walk!

$10 will get you a look into your future.
(ie. "i see you, two hours from now, regretting that 'i love you mom' tattoo you are about to get on your backside...")

Crazy, crazy street art!

A Harley Davidson...bicycle.

Its a hot summer in the City of Angels.

The sand was too hot to go any closer to the beach.

Even the public toilets were funky.

More crazy, creepy street art.

Selling Tattoos? or Breast Implants?

What we call "thongs" in Australia. Flip flops to ya'll in America!

Great weather = busy beach.

Just like in the movies....

Self portrait...

Tattoo, anyone?

Funky (loud) drummers.

One of the best street art works in town - look closely and figure out what it real and what isn't!

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  1. Loved this.It is just like in the movies. It looked like such a colourful place. Great Photos Kate.