Friday, July 3, 2009

I am from Campbelltown and I am not ashamed.

Today, my mother confronted me about a comment I made the other night about my home town, Campbelltown. It was an unfavourable one. Today, she reminded me that I should never forget where I came from. She reminded me that everything she (and my father) have, and gave to me, is proudly owned and paid for.

Having moved from my home town in my early 20's, into the city of Sydney, I admit that I felt a great deal more freedom than I felt when I was in Campbelltown. The world, at that point, became larger. I learned that living was not necessarily about the "nine to five grind, the three bedroom house, the two point five kids and the family sedan". I felt as though the suburban population were wasting away whilst that while everyone in the city were exploring. When I moved to the city, I would watch as each morning, people would jump on sailboats, go out for picnics, explore museums, drink wine with friends, go to concerts... all of the things that I loved became accessible.

Having now gone to Asia, and having seen the kind of poverty that exists in the world, I realise how lucky I am and I realise that my mother is indeed correct. I may joke and taunt my hometown for all of its perceived failings, but at the end of the day, this is where I was raised and I would not be who I am today without having grown up there. For those that know me well, despite where my career has taken me, I at least hope I have remained unashamedly down to earth.

So, mother, I am sorry.

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