Friday, July 24, 2009

The Streets of New York

I found photographing New York to be very difficult. In fact, I feel as though I was not able to take even half the quality of photos that I usually take. I think about why this is, and I realise that (and I will write a blog about it) New York is a hard, gritty city. While in some places (mostly tourist-populated) are beautiful, much of New York is tough, crammed, dirty and complicated. As my blog later will expand more on this issue, I will leave it at that, but it certainly made my photographing experience very difficult! I wanted to capture "the real New York", one that did not revolve around the flashing lights of Times Square or the scaling heights of the tall buildings. I wanted to exhibit the parts of New York than many people will look past on their way to Ground Zero, or as they take their hop-on-hop-off bus to the Statute of Liberty. So, some of these photos may be of random things, but it will be these images that will remind me of the true New York, and not the touristy one.

The thing i always associate with New York - the fire escapes!

Signs everywhere!

Food stalls are everywhere....

Random artwork from the backstreets of Broadway.

The confusing street system of New York!

A local contractor, just trying to make a living in New York....

Early morning Broadway and Times Square, before the crazy rush....

A tribute to the King....

The New York Subway

Newspaper box

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  1. I like your "everyday things" photos. They are real. And they remind me of what was "home" to me for so much of my life. No, not New York. Chicago. But most "Big USA Cities" have a lot in common. Fire escapes, store fronts, food vendors, taxis, bike messengers, buses, newspaper boxes, subways, noise, noise, noise and signs, signs, and more signs. Sleek modern "odd" architecture right next to homey brick neighborhoods. And the people. The faces. Ah yes, the faces. So many stories in each and every face. Yes, you are right. USA cities are - clautrophobic, noisy, huge, confusing and scary. And so are the masses of people in them. They are also ... human. The cities, and their people. There is, above all else ... Life.

    I sometimes miss that. Life. Try as it might, Denver just isn't a "Big City". Sure, it has Life. Just not Big City Life. But shhhhh ... don't tell Denver folk that, they'll never believe you!