Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Star Spotting! Who Is this Celebrity?

The next celebrity spotting came today as I was walking down through Tribeca, one of the districts of New York. Apparently, this alley is the one of the most popular alleys for film and movie shows because it has good lighting and good facilities nearby (like a Starbucks?)...

...So technically, its one of the most dangerous alleys in all of New York - its had the most "murders" than any other alley....

.....but today it was the set of a TV Commercial for MTV's Video Music Awards and the star was hidden amongst the hustle and bustle....

But out he came, and it was Russell Brand, the all-outrageous and offensive British comedian who is going to be hosting MTV's VMA's soon...

He walked straight past me and asked if I "was aw-rite" in his funny British ascent, and then said "thank you very much" to a couple of other people. I just stood there with my mouth open and my camera poised. He then walked off and hopped into the van.

I then stuck around the set to see how the TV Commercial was being produced... I also spoke with a couple of the background dancers, who told me all about some of the work that they do and their hopes of "being discovered".

Russell Brand then went to work, filming a short dance and song scene.

I then watched from the back, where they had TVs lined up to do the editing.

What great fun!


  1. What a lovely treat :) I now feel like I was there with you in the rain, watching the man :) He is a wild spirit who has touched my soul and set it free.


  2. Russell is infamous for being a bad dancer so this should be a fun ad...either they will edit it so much he looks OK or they'll work with his clumsiness.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Awwww lovely jubly Russ...
    Hare Krishna x