Friday, July 24, 2009

More Celebrity Spotting! CNN's Black in America 2 in Times Square!

My last night in Times Square enabled me to get right into the thick of American Prime Time TV, where Soledad O'Brien (CNN Reporter) and a raft of African American personalities, were introducing the new CNN special, Black in America 2. You can read about it on the following pages:



Here is a very interesting shot - my Australian friends will not know who these people are, but importantly, the man with his back to the shot in the darker suit is infact Henry Gates, the Harvard Professor who is in the centre of a storm in the US right now because of his arrest in his own home by white policeman. It has raised the very sensitive issue of "racial profiling" during arrests and Obama has landed himself in a bit of hot water by acknowledging that the Cambridge police had acted "stupidly". See LA Times, just one of the stories about it (its on the front page of every US newspaper at the moment).

Its all over the papers right now and I was there to say hello! (er, well not quite, and i wasnt about to ask him if he needed a lawyer... ha ha). I should have at least said "Who is up for a bit of McDonalds?!".

Above, is Tom Joyner (left) and Robert Gates (right), middle man unknown.

Soledad O'Brien, "testing testing, one two three."

"Roger that, little buddie. I'm good to go", Soledad O'Brien from CNN.

Holey Moley, who from CNN hired Ozzy Osbourne to run the show?!!?

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