Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I See You Watching Me Watching You

So it appears that my photos have been lifted from my blog and placed on a Russell Brand blog at:

Hi everyone that is visiting my blog, thanks to the reference that the poster used when using my photos.

I am grateful that the poster did reference them back to me (thank you) and perhaps this is because she noticed she was lifting material from a lawyer!

I am not too peeved at this so I don't want any Russell Brand lovers sending me death threats via my comments page. I guess I am more freaked out that it is so easy to have your intellectual property taken on the internet. While this poster has the decency to reference where it came from, I expect these photos will be lifted again and again (and who knows, perhaps by a magazine?) where people will financially benefit from their use.

I suppose I should have put a watermark across each of the photos so that they could not be easily copied.

Oh well, ho hum.

I hope all these Russell Brand visitors enjoy my blog page! Feel free to come on back any time and say hi! Oh, and please don't steal my photos and if you do, continue to make reference to the fact that they are mine :)


  1. Get your own photos, or pay for them you cheeky Buggers.

  2. Now now mum, be nice :)

  3. Naw, I'm w/Ros Adams on this one Kate. Thievery is thievery, and it's never right.