Monday, August 17, 2009

No More Denials... I Am Disorderly

One of the things I wish to improve about myself is my organisation skills. You see, I am not an orderly person. I am not a dirty, unkept person - well, I'd like to think not. However, when I am moving around, going about my daily business, I am like a hurricane. I come in, I whip up a great deal of confusion and fluster, I tip everything upside down and then I leave again. I leave a trail of destruction. I then come back to the disaster zone and I feel like the task is just too big.

Here is a snapshot into my existance....(and I am not proud of this!):

1. Tonight, I found six (6) tubes of toothpaste. Most of them are still three quarters full. All of them are completely different brands of toothpaste to the other brand. It appears that on six occasions in the last six months, I must have thought I needed toothpaste. It could have perhaps been that simply could not find the toothpaste, so I figured it was easier just to buy some new toothpaste. I now have six.... not one, not two, but six tubes of toothpaste. I suspect that I may be in dentures by the time i get through that amount of toothpaste. Does anyone need toothpaste?

2. I have twelve small containers of hotel shampoo, collected from my travels. You see, each time I go to a hotel, I never use their shampoo or conditioner because it tangles my hair and turns it into straw - last time I checked, the Scarecrow look wasn't in vogue. Anyway, I digress. I now have twelve little containers of liquid which is best used to wash your dishes with. Somewhere along the line, in my kooky little mind, I figured that I would take them along so I could put them in my gym bag so that when i need to wash my hair at the gym, it would be there to use - why? Because Fitness First shampoo is the equivalent of rose petal water - smells nice but you may as well just spray perfume onto your head as you walk out. It has no cleaning capabilities. Anyway, so I've never taken the hotel shampoo to the gym. I end up using the gym shampoo because in the morning, I'm too busy thinking of how i can break the sound barrier in order to get to work on time let alone being able to think about the type of shampoo i shall use at the gym that day! I wonder if you can donate hotel shampoo to those grocery charity drives that come and go every now and then.....

3. Going by the collection of vitamins and supplements I own, you would think I either have (a) a total immune deficiency and a lack of desire to eat vegetables, or (b) i have started my own health food store. I have calcium supplements (two lots in fact, yet to be opened), women's multivitamins (which are a completely different brand to the regular multi i take which sits at work), and a box of vile, repugnant chicken water which is all the rage in Asia at the moment (they've taken the whole 'when you get sick, eat chicken soup' thing a little too seriously and require you to take a jar of this stuff daily - at breakfast time).

4. I have a bottle of male cologne from the Body Shop. I purchased it at a time when there was no Boy to purchase for. Why did I buy it? I was waiting for my fruit smoothie to be made, it smelt nice and it was on sale. Go figure. The Boy can have some nice unloved Body Shop smelly stuff. Happy Belated Birthday....or Christmas... or whatever.

5. Body lotions, baby powders, moisturisers, shower gels that smell pretty, shower gels that smell not so pretty, bath oil, body oil, cooking oil (okay, maybe not cooking oil, but one is made out of coconut and I hear its great to cook with sometimes).... for a girl that aint all that girly, I sure have a stack of girly stuff that needs to be used.

All in all, its a pretty sad and sorry sight. It appears that I have been surrounded by beauty products, miracle cures and fancy therapies and all the while, I have been, for the last six months, too busy trying to become beautiful on the inside! What a waste! Thankfully, I'm done with being beautiful on the inside now. Bring on the facials, manicures and massages!


  1. I can't believe it but you have been looking in my bathroom drawers and closet!!!! Is there a solution to this malady??? Today, I am going around with a big basket and am stuffing "stuff"
    in it because a prissy cousin is coming to vist.
    At least you have a good excuse, collecting some of these items while traveling. I haven't been anywhere of note since last October!!!!!

  2. That takes care of the Singapore end. When you come home you have a number of boxes that contain, used toothpaste, vitamins, creams, shampoos makeup and so on. You have at least 3 new, still unwrapped tooth brushes, plus a couple of used ones. Most of us only have one.
    Oh! my Katie, you are very disorganised. But very funny.