Monday, August 10, 2009

Friends That Bike Together.... Stay Together......

Today, Bart, Wen and I did the Farrer Park - Singapore Zoo - Farrer Park loop which was about 40km in total - 20km there and 20km back. My legs felt just as strong as they did yesterday and I loved every moment of it..... except for on the way back home. We spent far too long at the Zoo and found ourselves cycling back at dusk. This wasn't so bad for Wen and Bart, who's bikes have the ability to be lit up like christmas trees. I, on the other hand, had nothing, which made for a very scary (but kind of exhilirating) ride home. Thankfully, Bart and Wen kept close and there was always one of them behind me with a rear tail light but lets just say, I learnt my lesson and it will be a quick trip to the bike store tomorrow to make sure it never ever happens again. In hindsight, it was downright dangerous (don't growl at me, Mama or TB!)

above: Happy Girl Racer - at the 20km mark and loving it!

above: Bart at 20km, playing with gadgets....

above: Wen laughing at Bart..... Wen laughs at Bart a lot.

above: Tired, sore, dirty but very happy legs.

above: Wen snapping Bart.

above: Bart cruising in, ready for lunch.

above: Wen making a sprint for the finish. For a petite woman, she absolutely powers up those hills. Its so impressive!

above: Guilt-free KFC - eating it after cycling 20km means that it won't have time to get to the hips!

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