Friday, August 7, 2009


So Bart is off having root canal therapy in Malaysia. Yes, I said that correctly. You see, it is far cheaper to go up across the border to have dental work done than it is to have it done in Singapore. So, ordinarily, you would expect that someone would go and catch a bus up, or perhaps a cross-border taxi. No. Bart and Wen are actually riding up to Johor Bahru and then back again after his root canal therapy. I am a little concerned that he is going to get on a bike after an anesthetic, but then again, Bart seems to ride perfectly well when drunk.

This morning I went and had breakfast with my two best mates, Bart and Wen, down near our apartment. I am slowly becoming accustomed to the Asian way of eating, but one thing I have always struggled with is their ability to eat rice and noodles first thing in the morning. So, this morning I decided that I would fully embrace the culture by having my usual nightly dish for breakfast - the beef noodle soup with chilli in it.

Did I enjoy it? Well, give me a bowl of muesli and fruit any day, but I guess it wasnt all that bad. I couldnt do it, day in day out. I already feel a little tired from having carbohydrates so early, which isn't such a great way to start the day.

Anyway, while Bart and Wen are off getting Bart's dental treatment, I am going to finally enjoy just being back in Singapore, tidy up the apartment, maybe swim, do a bit of shopping, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


  1. No. Sorry couldnt eat that so early. I noticed that was what the locals had for breakfast when I was there, remember the cafe at the hospital, the staff ate a lot of that sort of thing first thing in the morning and i sat there eating a sandwich, which I would normally hasve for lunch. Oh well, live and let live. Loved the new cushions, very art deco mate.

  2. Has the new mall next door opened yet. Love to see it, oh well next time.

  3. Not open yet, Mama. Nearly. The structure has completed, gardens done, doors on... i think it will still be awhile because the shops havent started to fill yet. By end of year though, i think!

  4. You will have to take the attitudeof when in Rome do as the Romans do. Joy S