Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arguing in Comfortable Surroundings

Tonight I resumed my all important duties as part of the General Committee for the SCCA - this time, it was a networking evening and showcasing of the new Maxwell Chambers, the state of the art Dispute Resolution Centre - the first of its kind in Singapore.

Wow, it is one smart place. The decor has been done with care and they have made sure that it does not appear to overwhelming for any clients that wish to take their disputes out of the court room and into a more neutral surrounding. They managed to turn an old Colonial building into a functional business centre, while keeping the old facade standing. Done very tastefully, they have got themselves a nice little setup!

It was great to be back amongst my fellow SCCA committee members and it was great to have a bit of legal banter amongst the members. We are all busy professionals but its great to see that there are always people willing to make the effort to attend these events, even if its just to say hi!


One of the conference rooms, set up for interactive hearings - more for the less contentious matters.

A traditional "hearing" set up, which is best to use for contentious matters - when parties want to kill each other, the last thing you need is for them to face each other. Here, you face the arbitrator, in a similar fashion to what you would expect in a court room.

Photo from the translation room behind glass.

Amazing hearing room, its feature room which uses the Atrium of the building as its centrepiece.

And for the traditional type, you can always stick with the "feel" of a court room. They managed to salvage the furniture from the old Singapore Supreme Court before it upgraded to something more fancy. I liked this. It made me feel like i was back in the Equity Division of the NSW Supreme Court - my old "hood".

A fantastic night had by all!


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