Monday, August 17, 2009

Diving the Caribbean - Grand Turk

I finally was able to put my underwater camera in for processessing and I am actually really pleased with the results. Not bad for a good old point and shoot film camera that was taken probably 10 metres deeper than the recommended depth guide! ha ha
You can see just how clear the water is just by the clean shots....
It was a great two dives.
above: Into the abyss....

above: This piece of coral looked like a whole lot of tentacles!

above: this type of coral was everywhere...neon purple and green...

above: Coral that looks like a green-grass maze!

above: Electric blue and neon yellow fishies! There was not that much marine life in terms of fish, but the coral was fantastic.

above: This little guy was a curious fella. He wanted to play. I wanted him to do tricks. He gave up quicker than my attention span did.

above: Coral Garden.

above: More fish in the garden...

above: Hard to see but this is a massive school of fish.

above: playing around in the garden....

above: Looked a bit like a sponge.... but i suspect it was of the coral species.

above: Swim, little man, swim.

above: Looks like a big fluffy pillow... or a marshmellow.

above: Like a soccer ball!

above: A coral delight!

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