Friday, August 14, 2009

Lady Gaga In Singapore

This woman put the "koo" in "kooky" but hidden amongst the very bizarre costumes and eclectic behaviour, there is a very talented musician and a real star of the future. She played at Fort Canning Park, Singapore, to her biggest crowd as a headline performer. She looked like she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and its safe to say that the crowd enjoyed it too. As I said, a bit on the bizarro side, but that makes her even more interesting - it separates her from the standard, well groomed, teen-pleasing popstars we have seen come through in the last decade (and grown very tired of quickly!) Overall, a great concert. A little short, but will no doubt get better as her catalouge of music increases.

Below: a little annoyed at the Britney-esque picture to begin with. They could have pulled up a better, more stylish photo of her, instead of one that makes you wonder whether you are seeing Christina Aguilera, not the bizarre Lady GaGa!

below: with a whizz and a boom, there she appears!

below: She started off with her song "Paparazzi" which sounded great.

below: there she was, glitter guitar and dress.

below: At times I was wondering whether a blonde Amy Winehouse had stepped in, but it was indeed Lady GaGa!

below: the crowd was certainly enjoying it!

below: Red Scooter, Red Sparkles.

below: not quite sure about her dancers' plastic leiderhosen....

below: What lies beneath - red hot leather!

below: there was no denying it, she wasn't going to tone down her behaviour for stuffy, snobby Singapore!

below: by far my favourite outfit - Bubbles!

below: with a matching bubble piano.

below: a very talented pianist, but just had a different way of doing it.....

below: it got a bit strange when she played a classical version of "Pokerface".

below: with some additional gymnastics.....

below: But ended with a perfect 10/10 with a proper rendition of "Pokerface".

below: saying goodnight....

Overall, a great night had by all, and I have proceeded to listen to her music since. She has a very big future ahead of her. Strange in this instance is actually good. Its a refreshing change!

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