Saturday, August 8, 2009

Its Written In The Stars....

I am a crab. No, really. I am. Honest.

I was born in mid-July, meaning that I am a Cancerian. My sister is a Cancerian as well. Her and I are very alike in many ways and I suspect that it is because we are both Cancerians. It does mean that we get a little emotional at each other sometimes, but aside from that just being genetics, I do suspect that it is because we have the same star sign.

They say that because I am a Cancerian, I am moody and emotional. Ugh, yes. Tick.

They say my first love is my home and my family. Tick.

They love to nurture those around them. Agreed. I think that perhaps my selfish side gets in the way here sometimes, and I tend to want to nurture myself first, but I expect this will grow even more so in time if/when I have my own "little people".

So when I am upset, I tend to retreat into myself to regenerate or often sulk. My sister is the worlds best sulker. She should win an award for it. I tend to retreat inwards rather than stand up and battle it out with someone. I can't think straight when I am emotionally all over the place.

They say that as a Cancerian, I am iron-willed and like to have things my way. Well, I consider that just a woman's prerogative.

They say that Cancerians are very sensitive to slights and hurt easily. Well, that just states the bleeding obvious when it comes to me. Frown at me and I go into a meltdown. I then retreat and brood.

I am a Cancerian, therfore I am compassionate and freely able to show my affection for others. Well said.

In relationships, Cancerians need a secure nest. They are best involved with someone who understands their creativity and will accept them for what they are, moods and all. I wonder if "creativity" can be substituted for "eccentricity" or "kookiness".

They say that because a Cancerian's emotions are so powerful, the Cancerian will see a partner who is stable and responsible, while at the same time understanding of the Cancerian's need for solitude. Agreed.

We are protective, even possessive. Hmmmmm... possessive is a little strong, don't ya think? Apparently we can become very jealous lovers when we feel insecure. Perhaps. Although we present a hard shell to the rest of the world, we are sensitive and caring by nature. I guess that explains why I, as a corporate lawyer, found herself in tears in the middle of the gym the other day as I watched those two journalists come off the plane from North Korea and hug their families. Hmmm...

We seek security and fidelity. Indeed, indeed, indeed.

Cancerians can be deeply wounded if the one they care for betrays their trust (which is never given lightly).

We are poetic, romantic and extremely sensual and when with a lover the Cancerian trusts, both the Cancerian and the mate will flourish.

You can read your star signs here.

I guess when I look at the characteristics of a Cancerian, they have me well and truly down to a "T". I really am a very very sensitive person, and it is both my strength and my weakness. I believe so strongly in my family and my home that nothing can break it apart. It is the very cornerstone of who I am and who I want to be. Whenever things are rough, my safe place to retreat is to my mother and father's place, where everything just seems to be made "okay". My happiest times are when I am surrounded by my large extended family, even though it is often noisy and chaotic. I am easily wounded. I retreat. I love wholly and give unconditionally but trust is hard to give and it doesn't get given easily. This can be my downfall. However, I am iron willed, and when it is time for me to come out of my cave, I am back to loving unconditionally again.

I do not generally believe in those "daily" horoscopes, but I do believe that there is some truth behind when we are all born, what sign we are and the characteristics that we hold. I think those that know me very well could probably, when asked about me, list a number of the characteristics above without even having read what star sign I am or what characteristics that star sign holds.

I just wish I had a better star sign name than "cancer". I would love "Aquarius" or "Virgo". They sound far more exotic. But nope - I just get the "crab".

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