Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home....

The plane touched down with ease and I let out a sigh. I was "home"....whatever that means these days. The past 48 hours had been filled of hours of mixed emotions yet they were emotions I couldn't clearly identify. I was, after all, heading "home". Was Singapore my "home"? Did I want to go "home"? What if I go "home" and realise that its not where I want to be? Even though only a month or so had gone by, so much had happened... what if all of a sudden being in Singapore didn't matter anymore?

Having now flown so many miles, to so many places, in such a short period of time, an eight hour plane trip doesn't seem so punishing these days. I was able to spread out with three seats to myself but I couldn't drift to sleep - I had no sleeping tablets and the mind was still buzzing having left Mum, Dad and the Boy at the airport. Yet, time was taken up playing with every gadget on the entertainment system, talking (as usual) to the stewards/stewardesses, trying out every fragranted liquid in the toilets and cleaning out my handbag (it gets done every flight now!), and low and behold we were flying into Singapore.

I got home with the speed one only can experience by living in Singapore. Customs, bags, taxi, home. Easy. Welcome to Singapore. Every time I fly in and I drive home in the taxi, I am still delighted by its cleanliness, its efficiency, the friendliness of the people and the wonderful easy traffic. The humid is ever present..... its hard to ignore..... but every place has its trade offs, right?

Within 30 mins of touching down, I found myself going up my elevator to my apartment....... to find a grumpy Bart opening the door in just a bathtowel muttering something about having changed the locks ------ er...welcome home, Kate! he he he

So I am home. Home, sweet, home. I now need to get 6 hours rest. I now need to get used to sleeping in airconditioning again.... I now just need to finally settle.....

Night all!


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  1. hope it all goes well sleeping in the air conditioning again. Home is where the heart is they say. Oh hang on, I guess you need to work out where that is too. Oh dear it does get complicated. Meanwhile you are nice and warm while we are freezing. There is always an up side even when you are upside down. xxxxxx R.