Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wonderfully Wild Adventures of Jungle Girl - Borneo, Part III

The Nature Walk to Mount Santubong with the Malaysian Nature Society

I woke up bright and early, having gone to bed straight after dinner the night prior. I had also decided, as I lay in bed the night before, to head to the Sarawark Cultural Village, which was only ten miles down from the Village House. I had been informed that there was a Harvest Festival on at the Cultural Village, so I wanted to get down there so I could get busy with the camera.

As I headed out towards the gate, I was greeted by Donald and Marina, the owners of the homestay. They were on their way to an outing with the Malaysian Nature Society, which was going part way up Mount Santabong to study rocks. They asked me if I wanted to join them and I jumped at the chance, despite still being a little under the weather with shingles. I would not have had the opportunity to do a jungle walk at any other time, as I generally do not do things like that on my own (for obvious reasons). So I raced back to the room, changed into more appropriate clothing and climbed into the car with Marina and Donald. It was an unexpected excursion but it ended up being a great experience – I could not go to Borneo without going into the jungle, could I?

We arrived at the entrance of the Mount Santbong jungle walk and we received a briefing from Hans, the leader of the excursion. He informed us about the kind of nature we would come across, the kind of rocks that we would be looking out for and a few other interesting bits about the area.

I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting and walking with Datuk Ose Murang, Secretary of Sarawak's Urban Development and Tourism Ministry and Miri Resident. I was honoured to be in his presence as his knowledge of the Sarawak area and its nature was simply amazing. It was just another magical part of my experience in Borneo, and I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

Out and About with Malaysia's Nature Society

(above: Marina from Village House, laughing at me nearly falling off the side of the bridge)

(above: Sarawak's Senior Government Official, Ose Murang)

(above: the nature enthusiasts, marveling at the Borneo jungle)

(above: Hans Dols, author, nature enthusiast and much more)

Rocks and Creatures at Mount Santabong

(above: Ribbit)

(above: Hans inspecting sandstone mixed in with granite... or was it ignius rock... oh dear... i forget!!!)

(above: not a special rock, but looked pretty with the leaf on it)

(above: Hans thought this was a great example of sandstone.. and i think ignius rock...oh dear, I am not so good at geology)

(above: but i know a pretty vine when i see one!)

The Weird and Wonderful Fungi of Borneo!!

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