Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wild Borneo

Having been stuck indoors for the last four days due to shingles, I have decided to break free, dust of the cabin fever and put the disappointment of not being able to do the Bintan Triathlon behind me. I had tomorrow set aside as annual leave for work, and I have decided to use it wisely. I have dragged myself out of my sick bed and I am just about to jump on a flight to Borneo, the wild frontier of Asia. So before you wonder why it is that I would go somewhere in the jungle while being sick, I have found myself a quiet, relaxing resort far away from people just to sleep and read. It is a comfortable resort and it should keep me nice and dry for the stay. It also means that I can get away from the temptation of the blackberry. I have worked solidly over the last four days, despite being on medical leave, so I decided that I would at least take one day out from the madness and seek solitude.

As I do regularly, I thank God for giving me the ability to just jump on a plane like this to go and seek the peace and quiet that I often need. Not many people have the luxury and freedom to do it and I remain grateful for the opportunities I am afforded. Every day i remember that I am blessed in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

Much love to everyone

Kate[In The Jungle]

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