Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Night In Little India

See Note***

Another night in Little India, another Northern Indian Set at Muragesh's. I have said this a number of times on this blog, but I really love living so near to Little India. It reminds me that life is actually more "real" than Singapore would like everyone to think it is. Everywhere else (other than Little India), the manicured lawns, tree lined avenues and well painted condominiums have you believe that life in Singapore is perfect. Little India, however, reminds you that people have stories to tell, experiences to share, daily hardship to face.

Tonight, the streets of Little India were filled with numerous Indian sailors, with their starch white ironed uniforms and their military-like stance. I am unsure whether they were from the Singapore Navy or the Indian Navy but you can tell that they were out for tonight only. No, they were not out looking for alcohol and strip clubs (unlike some other countries' armed forces I know!). Instead, it was clear that they were desperately looking for some authentic indian cuisine to tie them over until they arrive at their next port.

Sure, people think Little India is dirty, crowded and noisy. What do i think? I think Little India takes me to another place, opens my eyes up to a completely new culture, a new way of life. It leaves me wanting more. It leaves me wanting to step just that little bit more out of my comfort zone each time I walk down the street.

How easy it is for us all just to stay in our safe houses in our safe countries with our safe thoughts... yet from experience, I have learnt that the greatest memories have been those memories created in environments that are not necessarily as safe as my own.

**** Note - this is not my photograph. This photograph was obtained at


  1. I just loved these, but you've got me stumped with the safety sign, the figures all say zero. Mum.

  2. This is the old sign - i am yet to go back and take a photo of the added numbers. k

  3. Glad you asked that question cause I was thinking the same - Joy S