Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunsets in Singapore

For some reason, Singapore has amazing sunsets. I am not sure why. Every night, if I go out to the western side of my apartment and look across the city, there is always an orange/red glow.

I was always told that "red sky at night means shephards delight" however every between around midnight and 2am, there is always a thunderstorm. And these aren't just a bit of boom and some rain. I am talking lightening that lights up the entire sky and thunder that wakes you up and rocks you to the core. I use to sleep with my curtains open so i could wake up to the sunshine, but i am finding that i am waking up to my room being lit up by lightening. I also now have to put a pillow over my head each time there is a thunderstorm to slightly drown out the noise and the flickering of light - otherwise, I'd never get back to sleep!

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