Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wayne Who?

Yesterday, while i was quietly sitting out in Raffles Place in Singapore, Wayne Swan (the Australian Treasurer) boomed through the speakers of the massive widescreen television perched up on top of the entrance of Chevron House. He was delivering the Australian Budget live on Bloomberg.

No one seemed all that bothered, to be honest. Even I tuned out after awhile. Singapore hears enough about its own country's doom and gloom. It doesn't want to sit and eat their lunch, listening to the Australian Government talk about how "tough choices" have needed to be made.

Perhaps the Australian Government should put itself in the Chinese Government's shoes, where over NINE MILLION workers are now unemployed. I suspect it would only be then that the Australian Government would know the true meaning of "tough choices".

I am getting more and more frustrated as time goes on with the Rudd Government's continual "lets-set-expectations-low-and-therefore-make-it-easy-to-appear-that-we-are-succeeding" policy.

I will stop now, otherwise I will lose the loyalty of all of my daily readers who are just as sick as I am about hearing and talking politics.

I can't even eat my lunch in peace without hearing the doom and gloom!

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  1. Dont let your Father her you talk like that.