Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cotswolds, Pt 2

After getting ourselves stuck in snow, we finally made it to Stow-On-The-Wold, in the heartlands of the Cotswolds. While it was quiet, there was some activity around the village.

Cars here definitely had not moved for days.

Little craft shops were still trading, albeit slowly.

Sharp and large icicles had formed - very dangerous!

People struggling through the snow and icy conditions.

But the bakery was still selling warm fresh bread!

Cafes on the other hand were shut...

What usually would have been a beautiful street view was on that day a cold and slushy mess!

This village would have been so picturesque, yet the Boy and I didnt mind... it was still romantic.

Craft shops and cafes... closed.


The Boy showing how deep the snow is.

The day begins to leave us....

The drive back was beautiful....

And the sun came out to greet us, just as it was going down....

We stopped off for some afternoon tea at Chipping Norton.

We ate a beautiful afternoon tea at the Lygon Arms.

The main street of Chipping Norton.

Driving home at nightfall.

The coldest temperate I'd seen all holiday - Minus 5!!


  1. Brrrrrr! Your photos are so vivid I swear I actually feel the cold! I actualy cringed when I saw M's hand touching the snow!

  2. What a lovely part of England. Must look great in Summer.Ma.

  3. There is a pic of him actually putting his hand straight into it. He felt ill after doing it! ha ha