Monday, January 18, 2010

Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, England

Just up the road from the Boy's house was Hampton Court Palace, one of King Henry VIII's grand palaces. It then went on to house King William and then Queen Whatserface before King Whoever then took over. Bah, I shouldnt show such disregard for English history, but if I were to be completely honest, I didn't spend much time learning about the history. Instead, Theresa (International Girlfriend-In-Law of Mystery) took time out on our own to explore the area. We took photos, marvelled at the "prettiness" and took more photos.

Ice skating at Hampton Court Palace

The Entrance to the Palace

The long houses that line the path leading up to the entrance - i gather this is where the stables were, or where the workers lived.

The grandiose palace that it is!

The Union Jack flying high...

An example of the many tapestries hanging on each and every wall.

This would be spooky, if the candles weren't fake... great pic though!

Its King Henry VIII!

The crowd watching on in amusement.

His Man Servant

His wonderful wife-to-be Katheryn (not sure if he cut her head off).

Henry was a cranky old man.

Katheryn spent most of her time quivering in fright (as would I).

All of this was happening in one of King Henry's rooms.

The gorgeous Palace gardens

One of the many rooms with its hanging tapestries.

The inner courtyard of the Palace.

Wonderful courtyard views

More gardens.

Me - freezing cold.

The King's Kitchens

Theresa sampling the produce;

One of the grand staircases.

The Throne Room

The other kind of throne room.... ha ha ha

The dining room.

The reading room.

All in all, a beautiful palace!


  1. i love these photos! the gardens were so spectacular when i was there in the fall - they look just as lovely covered in snow.

  2. What a gawjiss place to explore!