Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Men and Gadgets = Man Love

There is Man-Porn. And then there is plain old simple garden-type Man-Love.

The International Man of Mystery loves gadgets. If it drives, flies, fixes, screws, drills, measures, twists, or turns, the International Man of Mystery will have already grabbed it, disregarded the instructions, tried it, tested it, pulled it apart, put it back together again and then found another task that requires its use.

We were on the flight from London to Prague on the lovely BreakTheBank Airways (or commonly known as, BA) when the Boy disappears off to the toilet. He then returns, smiling like a Cheshire Cat. He'd managed to use his charm on the Cabin Stewardess who gave him an invitation into the cockpit once the flight had touched down. Apparently the "Captain" was more than happy to meet him.

Flight touches down, Boy goes off for a Love In with the Captain and his First Officer and I patiently wait in the wings (so to speak) ready for the Boy to get his fix of buttons, flicks, switches and gizmos.

I was almost ready for the Boy to light a cigarette once he was done, he was so happy afterwards. Either that or find out he'd given an invite for the Captain and his FO to join us for dinner!

Man Love. There you have it.

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