Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day In Bintan, Indonesia

The International Man of Mystery flew in on his way back to our home country (from his original home country) and I thought that a nice, relaxing day across in Bintan, Indonesia was the order of the day. The weather was fabulous we both got a wee bit sunburnt without realising it!

We spent the day at the Nirwana Resort, which lets Day Trippers entry to their facilities for a nominal fee. It was a great day! Bintan is only a 45 min ferry ride from Singapore, but it feels as though you are in an entirely different part of the world!

The wonderful pool and spa facilities.

Me with the wildlife.... of the concrete kind. These species are not so endangered, and tend to be found gathered in sets of three out the front of Asian resorts.

The path from the Resort to the pools.

The Pool Bar.... 3 cans of Tiger for $24! Not exactly a bargain but its Bintan - its not meant to be cheap like the rest of Indo!

The beautiful infinity pool...

The International Man of Mystery enjoying the jacuzzi.


Tropical paradise? Not quite... it may look idyllic but sadly, monsoon season brings oil slicks. Yes, oil slicks. It was so sad to walk along the beach to find clumps of oil. The resort had to keep meth spirits along the walkways so that guests could scrape the oil off their feet. It is a horrid reminder of the continual decimation of our environment by the oil companies.

Pippies on driftwood.


  1. but did you step in the oil slicks?

    I would have.

  2. The pics look great and I have read about the spas and the soothing massages as well as the water sports. I am looking forward to a trip there on my way back from Bali. Are the Bintan hotels really good?