Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I am back in Singapore. Dazed and confused. I feel like the last couple of weeks have flown by and I have been unable to stop it from happening. I had little time to reflect on anything. I just lived, day by day, dealing with whatever needed to be dealt with.

The International Man of Mystery lost his International Father of Mystery. It was a quick passing, one that happened with family surrounding him - including the Boy and I.

In the back of our minds, when we headed to Prague, we knew that we would be unable to complete our grand european holiday and so when it was time for us to be told in no uncertain terms to come home quick, we did so. By acting fast, we were able to be there for the Boy's Father's last few hours. It was a sad passing, but one that was done with such dignity and grace.

So sadly, I have no photos of Florence, Venice or Milan, no tales of drinking machiatto while watching the boats go by on the Grand Canal. I do have a whole lot of photos though - laughing and playing with the Boy in the deep snow that fell across England, photos of London's fine castles, and a whole lot of wonderful stories that show the strength of family in times of suffering.

I am back in Singapore and I am lost. Lost without my Man of Mystery, lost without the family that welcomed me with such open arms.... it will take me time to adjust to being on my own again, but it was inevitable. No one liked to discuss what would happen when it all came time to end.

Anyway, so sit back, as I begin to upload some photos from our time away.

Thanks for everyone's support during what was, indeed, a tough couple of weeks.



  1. When will you see your man again?

  2. He is coming this Saturday for three days. :)