Monday, January 18, 2010

I am THAT woman....

As my dear friend Carli said... "oh no, dont be that woman...."

Well, I say to Carli..."YOU BET I AM!"

I just purchased myself a whizz bang new state of the art fluoro green grocery shopping bag that will now cart all of my healthy shopping back from the shopping centre each week.

Oh yes, ladies and gentleman, I was seen hurtling around FairPrice Grocery Store tonight with my pimped-up grocery bag.

Forget the tartan. Forget the black. Fluoro is BACK!


  1. What a scream. You and a shopping trolley. A green one too.
    Even I wouldnt be seen dead with one of these.

  2. Come to think about it, you wouldnt let me have one in the first place, how embarrassment. Ma.