Monday, February 1, 2010

The Banks of the Thames.... Chertsey

Whilst in Chertsey with the Boy's family, he and I stayed at this gorgeous hotel on the banks of the Thames. It provided us some room to ourselves, a warm breakfast (yummy omlettes!) and a lovely outlook of the river.

I braved the cold and went for a walk...

The historic Chertsey Bridge.

One of the famous Thames houseboats, which actually became iced in . The entire part of the Thames actually froze over.

Early morning Chertsey

The other side.

The full view of the Bridge.

Brrr... cold!

Yet flowers still bloomed.

But wherever there was a surface, there was snow!


  1. Loved these. I always wanted to go on one of those canal boats. Ma.

  2. OMW I love the last one with the fence-post!