Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Metal Tiger - River Hong Bao Pt I

The entrance of the River Hong Bao, at the Marina.

It is indeed the Year of the Tiger!

A fun time for family and friends.

And lots of traditional chinese goodies and crafts.

The massive God of Fortune, on the floating marina barge.

More crafts!

And of course, a lot of traditional chinese food!

Apparently, Chinese delicacies tend to have very high sugar and fat content - as a sign of richness. If you could afford to buy sugar, then you were considered rich.

Ducks - their hearts, their tongues, their claws and the intestines. I think i'll pass!

Lanterns - which light up at sundown!

Mr. God. God of Fortune. You cant miss him!

Another chinese tradition - Sugar Sculptures.


Fish lanterns.

Me - and the Tiger.

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  1. Love these photo's. The Chinese sure know how to celebrate.