Monday, February 15, 2010

Facing the Realities of BlogWorld


Over the last 24 hours, I have had over 700 visitors to my website. I expect that come morning, I will have over 1000 people registered as having viewed it.

It is not because anyone really cares about what goes on in my life. It is not that they are genuinely interested in my life in Singapore, my photography, my stories of travelling.

It is because someone (once again) took my photos and made reference to my blog as they did so. They did this on Yahoo Finance, a considerably popular website with a great degree of traffic passing through it.

Since then, there have been derogatory comments made about me on the thread by people who do not know me. There have been comments about my weight - that I am fat and that I should eat some more burgers, that I should "get back on my bike, b*tch", that my blog is pathetic, that my photography is crap, and many more comments.

The fact is, I do put my life out here to be seen. Perhaps I share a little too much of myself on the blog. However, what I do not expect is to have to deal with strangers making comments about me, about what I do, about my appearance.


I can't fight back. There is no point. I will just, as best I can, continue along on this journey and pray that those strangers who have visited my blog today take the time to look beyond being selfish assholes, and see that there is a real person behind the blog.... real stories....people with feelings.


  1. Kate,
    You are gorgeous & talented! I know it's hard, but you must try to ignore the nasty comments: I speak from experience. Likely, most are simply jealous of your lifestyle & your ability to be yourself so completely.

  2. No matter what, the people who know you personally love you to bits.

    I do not understand the mindset of people who go onto the internet with purely the intention of bringing others down - I can only think that they must be very sad within themselves. The bad side of all this 'social networking' stuff has once again been exposed here in Aus, and now after reading this, it makes me so angry that good, decent people have to put up with crap from idiots!!

    I love your blog and how it connects you to me.

    Clarisa xoxo

  3. Too many pathetic people in the world. Sad, really. Love you, Kate. But you know that.

  4. people who put nasty comments are really talking to themselves. It is themselves they dislike and anyone who has a great life just makes them jealous. I love you dearly Kate and don't ever listen to the crap!

  5. These comments echo what I think. No one with any brains does this sort of thing. They either have too much time on their hands and need to get a job. Or they are mindless fools who do this just for fun, regardless of the affect it has. Morons. Love you to bits Sweetheart.


  6. don't let it bother you - i know you're fabulous and wonderful and have such a great spirit.

  7. Hi Kate,
    You are brilliant, gorgeous and lovable. Your family love and adore you. What more can I say other than take no notice of people you don’t know and who don’t know you. They are not worth a second thought. Luv U Joy