Sunday, February 7, 2010

er... KoTB's Top 10

Okay this was the post that was suppposed to come later but never eventuated until now.

The truth is, I am spending a lot of time either at home in my apartment or at the gym. I am appreciating the stability of a "home" at the moment and looking back, I can see just how I managed to get myself in a terrible state, travelling endlessly and feeling no attachment to anything or anyone.

Here is a new Top 10 for your viewing pleasure.

1. I am beginning to enjoy having fresh food in my fridge.

2. I like waking up to the sound of the Muslim prayers at sunrise. Its haunting, but calming.

3. There is a man that sleeps on a couch across the road and is there every morning.

4. I am in a long distance relationship but am doing okay. My Boy does a wonderful job at making me feel special and cared for.

5. Chinese New Year songs sound like the tunes used for Christmas Carols.

6. I am back home for a visit in under 16 days.

7. My M is planning a beautiful weekend away and I cannot wait.

8. I am going to the gym daily and its hard work.

9. I am needing to eat 6 times a day. Apparently its good for metabolism.

10. I enjoyed talking to my sister on the phone tonight and realise I don't do it enough.


  1. "There is a man that sleeps on a couch across the road and is there every morning."

    Why is it I suspect that man just might have more than most?

  2. EC - i think you are absoluteley right.