Friday, October 16, 2009

The World... and Me.

Well, so much is happening at the moment.

Yes, I am still on detox. Its Day 6. Admittedly, i had a wee little meltdown last night and consumed a couple of sugary things. Ho hum. Its been six days, give the kid a break! I am not too overly worried about it because I have been so strict on myself otherwise. No cheating with meals, no cheating with coffees. Just a couple of things yesterday. Whoops.

Today, I am off on an overnight sojourn to Malaysia to shoot lobsters. No, not with a rifle. With a camera. Yes, I am going away with my little photography group (ie. Carli & Co) to some lobster fishing town. Carli thinks it will be good photography and seeing Carli is a good photographer, I judge her idea of "good photography" far better than i judge my own. I still feel huge camera envy with them all, but I do realise that these things take time....

Onto very exciting news - the Boy is taking me to London and then Prague and Vienna for New Years. Awwww! Isn't he just wonderful! The international man of mystery is truly becoming international and is taking me to foreign destinations. More on that a little later as plans begin to take shape. Needless to say, KateOnTheBike is very very excited to finally go back to Europe.

Right. Off to shoot shellfish.

So long, all.


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  1. amazing news about europe! i've just booked a cycling trip from prague to vienna this summer - you will have to help me with the must-sees of both cities. travel safe!